Swagger Trends: The Rosary

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June 25, 2009

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Akira Close-Up

There's nothing wrong with a little religious intervention...especially when it comes to your style!  Of course we all know about the old and over-done Kaballah bracelets, but it seems like there's a new messiah in town...the rosary bead.  Some are sportin' the necklace in plain black (like Akira above), but the most interesting looks have a little flair,  from gold-plated with crystals to diamond-crusted and opal (like Mike above).  Necklaces will always add a little extra to your look, why not give the big Guy a little love while you're wearin 'em?  Hmm...WWJD? Buy your own set of rosary beads below!

More from NYC all this week, back to Paris on Monday!

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