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June 24, 2009

in People,Swagger: New York

Step back,  NYC city's BRINGIN' it!  Deanna went searching through the vintage racks and clearly found some GOLD.  The vintage bomber's become a staple Downtown - sexy yet classy - and comes in handy on days when there's no sun but  a hell of alotta clouds (...this week?).  The red shirt's a smart move for a little flash amongst the grey, but the acid-washed jean shorts always steal the look!  Cut-high, the shorts (by American Apparel) give more of a badass vibe than a kitchy 80s one and the slim open-toed shoes are HOT for Summer. The girl's got style and a hell of a pose...can we tweet you, D-?!  Check 'Can't Stop This Thing We Started' by Deanna's favorite artist  (Bryan Adams), buy THE shorts of Summer, and connect with Deanna on Twitter, all below!
More from NYC all this week, back to Paris on Monday!

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