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At Swagger, we seek to uncover Parisian youth who shy away from the mainstream or conventional. Started as a hobby in 2009 by award-winning producer, Sian-Pierre Regis (-sP), the site's become the go-to place for trendsetters and music-lovers alike. On any day, browse what the global style underground is talking about - the trends, the fashion, the music - and feel plugged into what you're not seeing anywhere else on TV or the web. Currently, Swagger is Paris-centric, but look out for its launch in other hyper-local style hubs in 2010, including New York City.

For now, take a second to meet our stylish Parisian friends through our People feature, Listen Up! to the music they love,  and go deeper inside the lives of select Parisian youth with Profilin'.  Feel like you've got more style in your city? Show us by uploading a photo to our In My City section!

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