Swagger Team

Sian-Pierre Regis (-sP) is the Editor-in-Chief of Swagger.  He's got a serious sense for style, music and street art and leads Swagger with a unique vision to bring the global streets to YOU!  After a two-year stint at BET (where he provided on-air updates on the dopest stories in politics for the award-winning YOU(th) VOTE! campaign...and started Swagger: New York), he picked up his ish and re-planted Swagger in the City of Lights.   Check his latest favorite video, and connect with him on Twitter below!


Email -sP at spr@swaggerparis.com

Monique Meertens is the Managing Director of Swagger.  If you can't tell, she's got some serious style of her own...she's always rockin' a new pair of dope glasses. A graduate of UNC, she brings serious expertise in the social media world, linking Swagger's Facebook, MySpace and Ning campaigns to the site, while providing direction on the layout of Swagger's content. She's a NYC girl till death and is currently planning the rebirth of Swagger New York. Check one of Monique's favorite videos and connect with her on Twitter below!
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Email Monique at mokiera@swaggerparis.com