Music + Style = Sliimy

By throwin' on some skinny jeans and Buddy Holly glasses, some think they’re fresh to death! But they just don't ooze Swagger like this dude!  Sliimy’s (perfect name, right?) got that ‘je ne sais quoi’, flashin' a shirt with hand-cut felt letters under a dope […]


Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

UPLOAD A PHOTO FROM YOUR CITY HERE! There aren't many dudes like Clement. He's never afraid to wear any piece of clothing, so it's no wonder that he always walks the streets of Paris lookin' like a style rockstar. He just sent us this picture […]



Swagger Mash-Up: The Perfect Woman

We love us some edgy women!  And since we've met quite a few in Paris, we decided to mash 'em together for our version of the PERFECT mama!  Audrey'sgot the look from head to waist, Sunny's rockin' that great vintage denim we'd cut into a […]


Profilin': Hussein - Road Trip Stop 2: Paris

Profilin': Hussein - Road Trip Stop 2: Paris

My second stop of the road trip was in Paris. I fell in love with Paris at age 12 while visiting my dad who lived in UK and I just recently went back a few months ago with the Daily Paper fam. This time we […]