Azanie Bastille Swagger Paris

Get Your (FUNKY) On! - Azanie

We caught up with Azanie on a sunny day at the Bastille, and damn did she dress the part! It's unusual to be dressed brightly in Paris (black's the color du jour), so people took notice! Her white shoes are in for both men and […]


Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

UPLOAD A PHOTO FROM YOUR CITY HERE! There aren't many dudes like Clement. He's never afraid to wear any piece of clothing, so it's no wonder that he always walks the streets of Paris lookin' like a style rockstar. He just sent us this picture […]



Swagger: Mash Up - The New Black

Though we've got a Parisian sensibility, black during the Summer's a little drab for us.  For the Fall and Winter, however, black's a totally different story.  Guys have a chance to look sleek in the next few months with dark collections from various stores like Club […]


Profilin': Zaina - London Was Great!

Profilin': Zaina - London Was Great!

Still my favorite city in the world thus far! Got a sick vintage levis jacket which makes me smile all the time. And some amazing Acne Jeans. ugh. I’m in Norway now and the Fashion is lovely! People dress and it’s so effortless. I need […]