A Whole New World -  Alex

A Whole New World - Alex

Sure, Mickey's a classic...but is he cool?  Alex thinks so, rockin' the Disney character on a sweater while taking in the Parisian sun last weekend. And we'd have to agree, the playfully chic look works straight down to his black harem pants (Aladdin, anyone?) and fluorescent pink canvas shoes. Who […]


In My City - Nicole

In My City - Nicole

When we think of style hubs, we think Paris, New York, London and Tokyo. But you've shown us that bangin' style can be found, well, anywhere. The latest In My City comes from our girl Nicole who's keepin' Boston fly with a badass vibe and […]



Swagger: Mash Up - The New Black

Though we've got a Parisian sensibility, black during the Summer's a little drab for us.  For the Fall and Winter, however, black's a totally different story.  Guys have a chance to look sleek in the next few months with dark collections from various stores like Club […]


Profilin': Carrie - Carrie is Back Baby.

Profilin': Carrie - Carrie is Back Baby.

Profilin' allows you into the lives of the most stylish Parisian youth. This is her own words. It's been a while since I've posted on my favorite site!! But I haven't forgotten Swagger (far from it)! I've actually been helping with another great blog […]