From AM to PM - Paris Fashion Week

As you know, lookin' good ain't easy. And, during Fashion Week it can get even harder. Running around from show to show wears at you, but we found two guys who, despite the crazy scene, were perfectly styled for their respective occasions.  The photographer (above) […]


Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

UPLOAD A PHOTO FROM YOUR CITY HERE! There aren't many dudes like Clement. He's never afraid to wear any piece of clothing, so it's no wonder that he always walks the streets of Paris lookin' like a style rockstar. He just sent us this picture […]


Contributing Editor

The In Crowd - Contributing Editor

Take the best photographers in the world, back 'em up with some visionary fashion editors, add a couple globally sexy models and you've got the delicious mix behind one of our favorite blogs, Contributing Editor.  The brain child of Matthew Edelstein (W, Harper's Bazaar, Details), […]


Profilin: Carrie - Coke's a Good Choice

Profilin: Carrie - Coke's a Good Choice

I've been super busy in the last few days, so I've kind of neglected blogging for Profilin', but I'm coming back harder than ever, so it's all worth it!  Here's the latest photo of me, taken by my girl Adeline Rapon (seen here in Swagger: […]