BOBO-Chic - Djeneba

Djeneba’s one of those girls who can pull of being casually cool. Nothing about her outfit is EXTRA, but it’s put together so well. She’s got the simple skinny jeans, Converse and collared shirt look down, but the scarf adds a nice touch, and take […]


In My City - Nicole

In My City - Nicole

When we think of style hubs, we think Paris, New York, London and Tokyo. But you've shown us that bangin' style can be found, well, anywhere. The latest In My City comes from our girl Nicole who's keepin' Boston fly with a badass vibe and […]



The In Crowd - Honeyee

Trust that we know the cool. Last week, we unveiled  'The In Crowd' to feature, and connect you with, the dopest style spots on the web. This week, we introduce you to 'Honeyee', a Japanese-based site dedicated to global fashion. Its blog section pulls together […]


Profilin': Zaina - Thick like that, Stack Like That

Profilin': Zaina - Thick like that, Stack Like That

I'm Thick Like That, I Stack Like That... Tomorrow’s my last day in France until next year! I’m so screwed for tomorrow because I have classes, and a wardrobe to pack. Then on friday a flight to London from Paris, then home. Nigeria. I’m positive […]