Sebastien et Helene

METRO-STYLE - Sebastien and Helene

When you see style, you FEEL it. We checked Sebastien and Helene on the Metro in Paris and followed them right off the train!  Sebastien's got the throwback vintage look, bringin' back the jean jacket and pairing it up with some high-water pants (see Thomas) […]


In My City - F.N.S.T - Hong Kong

In My City - F.N.S.T - Hong Kong

Is Hong Kong really the next style-capital? Well, by the looks of our reader F.N.S.T's latest shot, the answer's hell yes. He uploaded this photo, rockin' the coveted Jeremy Scott x Adidas Flinstone kicks and one badass black leather biker glove.  And clearly he knows […]


The Black Keys -

The Black Keys -"Tighten Up" Video- Listen Up!

Any way you cut it, girls are trouble.  We've seen their destruction with our own eyes on the streets of Paris and New York; they dress to kill. And the boys of The Black Keys feel the pain in their new video, "Tighten Up", the […]


Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

This post is dedicated to the musician and French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg.  It'd be easy to think I'm influenced by the new movie about him (Vie Heroique) or  by his daughter Charlotte's last album  (I love it anyway). And no, I'm not in admiration […]