Spring FUR-ward - Fatou

The Spring's usually a time to bust out the thin track jackets and go all casual. Not for Fatou, who keeps it SO fly in a fur coat and jeans! The grey v-neck shirt underneath may be comfortable but it ain't all that warm! So, fur comes […]


In My City - Fatou and Gregory

In My City - Fatou and Gregory

Want to be part of IN MY CITY? Upload your photo here and show us what style is in your city! Fatou and Gregory invented the word STYLE.  Both are stylists for a French magazine and it shows! C'mon who else can rock denim lookin' this […]



New Addi+ion: Pro-Keds' Bobbito Royal Flash Mid

Nothing beats a good throwback.  Whether it's an old-school jam on vinyl or a tattered wool blazer, vintage is in our blood.  So when we got word of  Pro-Keds' latest revival, the Bobbito Royal Flash mid, we had to find something to pair 'em with! […]


Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

This post is dedicated to the musician and French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg.  It'd be easy to think I'm influenced by the new movie about him (Vie Heroique) or  by his daughter Charlotte's last album  (I love it anyway). And no, I'm not in admiration […]