The Women of Paris Fashion Week - Les Deux

There's no gettin' around it, women run the scene at Paris Fashion Week.  They skirt around in 2s from one show to the next in the season's best: Balmain shoulders and studded heels. Since we'd be silly not to show you how women throw down on […]


Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

Get Your Gun - In My City (Clement)

UPLOAD A PHOTO FROM YOUR CITY HERE! There aren't many dudes like Clement. He's never afraid to wear any piece of clothing, so it's no wonder that he always walks the streets of Paris lookin' like a style rockstar. He just sent us this picture […]


180 Grammes

Paris' (Watercolor) Hotspot - 180g

Are you a No. 22 or a No. 8?  Paradise Pink or Shinshilla Grey?  Well, at 180g in Paris, you can figure out the perfect color to match your trendy style and dye to your heart's content.  The concept-shop just teamed up with Nike, allowing […]


Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

Profilin': Antoine - L'homme a tete de chou

This post is dedicated to the musician and French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg.  It'd be easy to think I'm influenced by the new movie about him (Vie Heroique) or  by his daughter Charlotte's last album  (I love it anyway). And no, I'm not in admiration […]