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June 22, 2009

in People,Swagger: New York

Rose Close-Up

We told you before, Paris is the style capital of FIT while New York's the style capital of FUNK!  Radio Rose puts it DOWN for the Big Apple, rockin' a crazy colorful number from head to toe. Most of the outfit's vintage (we know you want that dress...sorry, it's exclusive), but the cardigan's straight from American Apparel and the canvas shoes (huge in Paris) are Keds.  But let's take just a second for the purse and the earrings!  We give major props to the purse's funky oval shape, and the colors even match the earlace of Rose's own design (Rihanna's jealous).  This chick's got flyness for days...feels good to be back in New York!  Check Rose's favorite funk-nasty video by Busta Rhymes, buy an earlace or outfit like her's, and connect with Radio Rose on Twitter, all below!


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