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October 20, 2009

in Listen Up!

We love people who say the things we only think about.  And damn is Amanda Blank one of those people!  The Philadelphia rapper's only just dropped her first album, I Love You, but she's already worked with the likes of  big-timers like MIA, Santigold and Ghostface Killah.  The video from her first single 'Might Like You Better' (above) is sexy, fun, blunt and colorful...and yup, maybe a little offensive.  But, hey, what she's saying is true...maybe we would like you better if we slept together! Check out the video and link up with Amanda Blank via Myspace below! If you're in Paris on Nov. 7th, check her out at Les Inrock (at Boule Noire) and if you just can't wait, buy her album on Itunes here!

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