Swagger MASH-UP: Men in Heat

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August 13, 2009

in Swagger Mash-Up

Yup, we've found some pretty stylish kids in the last few months. But we've been thinking, if we could somehow combine three or four stylish kids together, we could make, like, the Hero of Cool (move over X-Men, Power Rangers, Heroes, etc). So, in our efforts toward world domination, we proudly introduce the "Swagger Mash-Up".  Every so often, our Team will piece together outfits from past photos that'll give you some fresh thought on rockin' the perfect look.  Above, we've taken Houman (for his unreal sunglasses), Bastien (for his shirt and bow-tie combo), and Myles (for the well-cut jean shorts and boat shoes).  Separately, these dudes are fly, together, they're super-human!

Like what you see? Buy your own version of our Mash-Up below.
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