Parisian Model Modesty - Emma

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March 17, 2010

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Modesty is a woman's finest quality. When a fly chick can leave the flash and sass at home, but still bring the sexy...that's dope!  We recently caught our new favorite girl, Emma, outside of popular concept store 'Merci' off the Marais. Though she's got model-type features, she takes the dressed-down approach to looking good.  Her skinny jeans and slim-fit peacoat are perfect choices for gloomy days in Paris, but we're drooling over what she's rockin' on bottom - the lace-up leather boots!  Often vintage, boots like these are big in the Fall months and come in black or various shades of brown. Buy your own set but switch up the norm a bit and pair 'em with colored laces (red or deep purple are always solid choices). Who said only sexiness sells? Check our modest clothing suggestions and watch 'Us' by (the modest) Regina Spektor below!

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