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January 18, 2010

in Profilin'

You probably don't know the beautiful faces in front of you, and that's OK! The pretty and well dressed one is Marion Rocks, the mixed-race beauty is Andrea Pola from 'A Cafe with 5 straws' (already seen on Swagger: Paris here), the sparkling Kenza and the unbelievably talented Adeline Rapon. All of these women are my favorite bloggers, so we decided to eat together and it was amazing. We spoke about everything and nothing at all (typical girl talk), and these photos are to keep the fun memories alive! (Most were taken by Adeline).

Watch the latest video by Jay-Z that I love, crazy-hyped about the concert with Kenza!


Profilin' allows you into the lives of the most stylish Parisian youth. This is her own words.

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