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September 28, 2009

in Swagger Trends

Let's just say that we've been stuck in the Parisian rain without the proper gear one too many times.  But we've wised up and created a list of must-have items for when it pours.  Buy 'em below, and while you're at it play a little old school jam by Missy Elliot ("Rain", duh).

Raincoat- Go for waterproof and make a statement with bright yellow, like the one above by Adidas Originals.  For a classier look, pull out the slim-fit trench coat. Girls love men in the trenches.

Boots- Wellingtons are the most practical footwear for the rain...no water's gettin' in those bad boys! But if Wellies aren't your thing, Timberland's got a great new line of boots for the Fall. If you're goin' for a more casual vibe,  buy a pair of high-tops with a thick sole to keep you above water (like the Lanvins up top).

Pants - We're not fans of waterproof pants...they're just a little, well, weird. So pack up some corduroys to keep ya warm when you're wet.

Extras- Life's never fun without some extras.  Backpacks and totes from Jack Spade should keep your papers dry, an umbrella should keep your dope new 'do from frizzin' and an Ipod should keep ya...yup, singin' in the rain. 

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