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June 16, 2009

in Listen Up!

The British Invasion has arrived, so we've gotta introduce its leader, Kid British! We learned about this eclectic hip-hop/ska/reggae/punk band thanks to a Swagger: Paris fan and we just can't stop jammin'! 'Our House is Dadless' is the latest video from the British foursome, and we've gotta give props to the sampling of Madness' 'Our House'...THROWBACK! But even more impressive is these kids' STYLE. Not only are they reppin' Summer's finest plaid collared shirt (buttoned all the way up), but they're rockin dope thick-rimmed black glasses, and one fly chapeau. Their jams are raw and their tracks are different, and Swagger's gotta love any group from the streets! Kid British's new album drops July 6th, but until then feel free to play their latest video over. and over. and over. Connect with Kid British on Twitter for daily updates, below!


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