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June 9, 2009

in Listen Up!

Every week, Listen Up! will bring you the dopest music, videos and artists we've learned about on the streets.  CocoRosie's a trip-hop sister duo from Brooklyn who've relocated to Paris to drop some DOPE beats, crazy tracks and seriously unique style!  Our girl Nicole put us on to them with the video "Noah's Ark", but then we heard their track "Werewolf" (check it below), and we can't stop beatboxing...on the streets, in cafes and on the Metro!  Their latest dope-ly titled single God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me is trip-hop at its finest, but look out for their new album "Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food" to leak soon. Watch "Rainbowarriors", a chill, colorful and cool vid from CocoRosie above and get ready to beatbox with their live "Werewolf" performance below!

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