Dripping in (Gold) Dopeness - Tara

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May 29, 2009

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Tara's got so much style, her dog can't even look!  We caught up with this fly mama in front of St. Eustache and her perfectly put-together, no-nonsense outfit caught our eye.  She's not wearing anything super trendy (though the black frayed handbag's pretty hot right now) - it's the gold accents that make her look SO DOPE! She's dripping in metal, from her chunky gold necklace to her funky bangles and, yes, her diamond-encrusted gold skull earrings (insert applause here). And the chapeau, just a perfect choice for the Spring. Well done, homegirl, well done!  Check out a video from Tara's favorite Finnish band, His Infernal Majesty, and add shine to your jewelry with some of our gold choices below!

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