Asian Persuasion! - Yu and Masayoshi

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May 1, 2009

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Yu and Maaayoshi

Yu and Masayoshi

The Japanese kick the style game HARD, from brand name designs to bright Harajuku outfits, they KNOW the COOL.  We chilled with Yu and Masayoshi, and just have to give them props for adding a little more style to the streets of Paris.  Masayoshi's laid-back with the collared shirt, well-fitting jeans and high-tongued Adidas kicks (gotta rep the 3-stripes), but the old-school thick headphones around his neck are makin' a comeback for music lovers. So throw away those tiny (useless) Ipod headphones, you can't FEEL the music. Our girl Yu's definitely a standout with her high-waisted checkered skirt (classy and trendy) matched with her sleek shiny nylon jacket. Check the shoes with socks (so 80s and so DOPE) and the oversized ribbon in her hair. With looks like these, you better believe SwaggerTokyo's comin soon! Check out where to buy some dope (WeSC) headphones and watch the trippy (and cool) video from their fave Japanese musician (Yuki) below!

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LIFE OF BRIAN May 1, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Really feeling and luvin the look of both!


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