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April 28, 2009

in Listen Up!

We got put onto Uffie thanks to Jean-Baptiste, and we can't stop bangin' her music!  With songs titled 'Pop the Glock', EPs called 'Hot Chick/In Charge' and lyrics like 'better watch out my clan gets vicious', Uffie ain't a game!  Born in the USA but living the Parisian lifestyle for most of her years, she's got a sexy little accent and spits some fierce words! Her beats and rhymess HIT ya HARD, think MIA and Santigold (just a little less crazy), so be prepared to bust this chick out at the next house banger.  C'mon, any chick that threatens to 'pull out her glock and POP' is one Swagger's messin' with! Listen to her hits below!

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-pVd- April 30, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Uffie "Pops"!!! A former French love turned me onto her, with the Sebastian Remix of "Pop the Glock" which I have to say is BANGA! Friday night party JAM! The hard bass and the chopped up vocals are almost unrecognizable to the original track, but ILL!!! Bump "Hot Chick" and take your ass on the floor, down to the floor!


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